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. and we all recall how great it was how great it was to have eight years of george w. bush as president. >> eight years was awesome. i was famous and i was powerful, but i have--i have no desire for fame and power any more. >> eliot: brings back great memories. tough as it may be today we'll try to end the week on a lighter note by taking a look back at the week that was with political satiriskt john fugelsang. >> thank you for having me and talking about the silliness that unites all. >> eliot: let's play this out. what we call it here, ann romney talking about you people. it was an amazing moment. take a listen. >> we have given you all you people need to know to under our financial situation and how we live our life. >> does that sum it all up. >> and it had to be an african-american journalist. i like ann omni. she seems like a great people, great kids, a knockout, ms survivor, lovely lady. i think this was a case they tried to have the romney that appears more human and life like to go out and do damage control and she didn't do it very well. it makes her look more out of touch. th
before george w. bush. there will be a lot of news coming out. it will be an exciting week. >> belva: we had different news in silicon valley. changes from google to yahoo, but we also started a new debate about the place of women in the world of high tech and business. >> i think we also started an interesting debate on new mothers in high-tech positions. marissa mayer announced she would move from one huge silicon valley company to another silicon valley company. she announced she will be a mother. the internet has so much to say about that. >> belva: who is saying that? >> everybody is talking about that. >> belva: for people who are writing on it or someone feeding them a line. >> everybody who has written about it mentioned it will be difficult. when you look at what marissa has done in pulling 30-hour workweeks with the showering and sleeping techniques, she will not have to do any less to be an excellent mother and ceo. she is kind of super human that way. she will use those super human abilities to get through the next year. >> this is for companies across america who made it dif
. >> former president george w. bush will be skipping the republican national convention. mr. bush is grateful for the invitation but said he is enjoying his time off. the spokesperson said mr. romney will be a great president. >> and we want to turn back to our coverage of the shooting massacre in colorado. short time ago, police briefed the media on the latest on their investigation. >> and all of this comes as additional family and loved ones are speaking out about the who are filing sequence of events. we are live in aurora, colorado. sandra thanks for joining us. what can you tell us about the reports that we are hearing that holmes dyed his hair red and called himself the joker? >> that's right. federal law enforcement sources say that that is, in fact, the case. the suspect apparently dyed his hair head -- red and said he was the joker and they are trying to find out a motive and not releasing any evidence in the investigation so far but the real hot spot is the one-bedroom apartment that the 24-year-old lived in which was walking distance to t
pretzels. the very snack complicit in the failed 2002 assassination attempt on george w. bush when he choked on a bachmann pretzel. if the assassination had succeeded it would have prevented bush from invading iraq and killed saddam hussein. -- this is really hard. all right, let's try and do this in a simpler way. earlier in the program we learned the bank hsbc works with al qaeda. if there was some way, islamic ter wist-- terrorist money directly to michele back pan let's say through a 2008 campaign donation. let's look at the chart again. (laughter) (applause) i don't know, man. let's try it again. here's huma abedin's islamic terror connection, let's take a look. here's michele bachmann. hmmmm. maybe there should be an investigation. not to mention one more piece of unsettling evidence, michele bachmann is married to marcus bachmann who i think we all know is hiding something. (laughter) that his name is an anagram of arab's mann muncch. we'll be right back. as you can clearly see from this attractive graph that our sales have increased by... sorry, my liege. honestly. our sales h
. after george w. bush left office, the club had its protocols and traditions. he was off the grid and disappeared. he said the current president deserves my sound. it is a very classic decision. obviously his vice president did not take that approach. [laughter] when he finally broke the cover three weeks ago and made some very gently constructive criticism of obama's tax on energy policy, he said but, i don't believe our president, our country should criticize our president. the public role of the president supporting the current one continues. this is a great picture. >> this is an amazing moment. again, we argue about whether eisenhower does or not. johnson is the majority leader. still, a democrat and a republican. the night of the kennedy assassination, johnson is on the phone to eisenhower. he said i've needed you for longtime enemies you more than ever. the next day, eisenhower drives to the white house to see president johnson. he sees kennedy's body lying in state. and he goes to see johnson. he writes out in a legal pad and here's what you need to do. you need to call a
? >> obama released eight years, clinton 12 years, george h.w. bush, 14 years. these are all people who got to be president. it does make you wonder, what is in there? >> colby? >> 57% of the american people want him to release his tax returns. he has promised republicans who want him to release his tax returns. i thought this was a non-issue until i heard somebody like george will say that maybe he has something to hide. let's see what is there. >> roger? >> this is a loser of an issue for george romney. >> mitt romney. george is the father. >> mitt romney, sorry. democratic as targets are going around in saying that one man has seen romney's tax returns. it was john mccain, when he was vetting him for a vice president, and the first thing he did was say, "i want sarah palin instead." why not just do it? why not tell us about what was in the swiss bank accounts? romney separates himself from the massive average american people by doing this. >> mccain's answer was not "i will go for sarah palin." his answer was, "i look at them and there was nothing in them." either he is lying and you thi
says 215 were killed in syrian violence today. >>> former president george w. bush is going to skip the convention. he supports mitt romney and want him to succeed. but he's still enjoying his time off the political stage and respectfully declines the information to go to the tampa. his father announced he wouldn't be there either due to health reasons. >>> it's been 3 a1 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. 29 states added jobs in june. unemployment rose in 27 states. part of the reason is more people who are out of work started looking for jobs which increases the size of the labor pool. now let's send it back to don lemon in colorado. >>> thank you, john. our third story tonight, out front. we have been hearing from many movie goers about the massacre. some say when they saw him they thought he was some sort of gimmick to promote the new batman movie and as we all know now, that wasn't the case. >> don, this is what law enforcement suggests now happened. they believehe suspect came into the theater with a ticket, went out through an exit door to the right ofhe screen t
w. bush administration president obama talked about renewing the ban but dropped it from his agenda and won't talk about renewing it. there is an excellent article on this situation. we have 90 guns per 100 people. compare that to yemen where there are 61 guns for 100 people and americans purchased 4.5 million out of the 8 millionon ns inforordd worldwidedeac year. >> cenk: congratulations to us. we're number one. yemen is number two. if we keep it up, we'll be just like yemen or yemen may be just like us. i don't know which is worse. what is the solution. >> the big solution is campaign finance reform. you cannot continue to allow the national rifle association to write the gun laws. democrats have cowed to them forever. the democratic party needs--there is a big story with the 50-state solution with democrats, and there is a problem of overreputation of rural areas. the real answer is democrats need to have some balls on this issue. they need to come up and say we'll lose north and south carolina, but we need to control guns. >> cenk: i think the point michael is making is incredi
george h. w. bush sent a monthly newsletters -- they are not monthly. he offered them and all but one turned them down. a lot of people that used to be president wants get away a little bit. they've had enough of that secure world stuff. and i gave them up -- about life that life up for something better and different. .. >> we are about out of time. just on behalf of everyone here, the reagan library and the foundation, mike and nancy, i just want to say thank you so much for coming, it was just fascinating. we're so happy that you're here. >> thank you. ms. . [applause] >> you're watching booktv on c-span2, 48 hours of nonfiction authors and books every weekend. congressional scholars thomas mann and norman ornstein examine partisan politics in the u.s. government. they contend the level of hyperpartisanship has resulted in a disfunctional political process that's marked by adherence to political party platforms above all else. this is about an hour and a half. >> i think we are, um, i think we're ready to begin. um, i'm e.j. dionne, senior fellow here at brookings. i moderat
w. bush results in those with the best political connections getting their hands on the most money. because the guys who can hire the former members of congress as their lobbiests are not mom and pops. the tax breaks were handouts. the guys who were going to get their hands on the pie are the guys with the lobbiests. >> i think really i don't like the idea that obama grew the government. we had the worst recession since the great depression. and what was a strategy was to increase government spending and put more money back in people's pockets through increasing unemployment insurance which was done every time we enter recession which is the worst recession. we spent a lot of money to deal with a problem that obama inherited. i don't think you can leap from that and say this is a guy who can build a giant government. he is a pretty small government kind of guy. i think once we get out, completely out of this recession and once we start getting the economy, once the economy looks like it can manage on its own you are going to see the cutbacks. >> and projections in terms of governme
. there is no credible evidence to support this proposition. during the administration of george w. bush, the department of education publishes a highly respected study on tuition price increases. it found that the primary driver of tuition price increases in public institutions where over 3/4 of our graduate students attend college, is the change in state funding as states invest less money in higher education. the institutions respond by raising prices. the study found no relationship between the availability of federal and state grants and the ensuing chore -- tuition price increases in public or private not-for-profit institutions. as institutions raise prices, they have an obligation to ensure they increase their own financial aid program to hold harmless these neediest students. last year, our state cut michigan state university appropriation by 15%. our board raised tuition 6.9% to compensate in part for these cuts. the board also increased our own institutional grant aid by 10% with 83% of these grants dollars going to students with financial need. this is an example of what institutions need to
will depart on thursday to meet with leaders in israel, poland and britain. president george w. bush will not appear at the rnc convention. he supports governor romney but respectfully declined the invitation to go to tampa. >>> on the kmiks front, state unemployment rates were released yesterday. in 27 of the 50 states the unemployment rate rose in june. in the key battleground states, 5 out of 9 had increases, ohio was the sole swing state to see its number improve. it fell by 0.1%. >>> more on the delicate operation under way at the apartment of the colorado movie theater shooter. we have a live report on the investigation and new reaction from witnesses, next. my volt is the best vehicle i've ever driven. i bought the car because of its efficiency. i bought the car because i could eliminate gas from my budget. i don't spend money on gasoline. it's been 4,000 miles since my last trip to the gas station. it's pretty great. i get a bunch of kids waving at me... giving me the thumbs up. it's always a gratifying experience. it makes me feel good about my car. i absolutely love my chev
. the challenge corporation, which was a major initiative of president george w. bush, said we should invest in those companies that are committed to the rule of law and will and corruption and a sensible ideas. if people are wasting money, to heck with them. we do not need to give them that money. the american people should not expect us to give them that money. >> let me do what i enjoy doing so much -- put you on the spot a little bit. your secretary of state today. we have this fiscal cliff that we are facing. we may have sequestration of our military. we may have another downgrade of our debt. who knows where this will go. you have to go up on the hill and make the case for doubling -- for spending more. how would you do that today? >> i think that i would make it a very clear that the security of the united states depends on the fact of us having friends around the world and countries where people are able to live a decent life and where, in fact, they -- there is not an environment terrorists can take advantage of. there is no direct line between poverty and terrorism, but does not ta
advisor to george w. bush karl rove. karl, it's nice to see you this morning. >> dave: good morning, karl. >> alisyn: we're attempting to private briefly away from the tragedy in colorado. i know you have the white board there that you've brought. >> message, message for biology, message for biology. >> respect the board. i've got you, my board is bigger than yours and i think in boards, size matters, i heard. >> alisyn: oh, boy. >> you keep using the board and i'm going to start going without a tie, my friend. encroaching on the eric bolling open shirt thing, man. >> eric: gotcha. >> alisyn: karl, no one wants to see that. in any event, karl, just kidding. >> speaks for yourself. >> alisyn: both the candidates, president obama and mitt romney suspended their campaigns in light of the aftermath of this horrible massacre. is it time this weekend for them to get campaigning? >> give it a couple more days, i thought it was a good move on both parts. i thought both statements yesterday were quite moving and this is a terrible moment for our country and we get a glimpse in the way that people
would want him, i think, to display the insight and fortitude to say that -- that george study bush had when he launched a search -- geroge w. bush had when he launched the surge, when everybody in his inner circle was against that. but the only way the inner circle change -- the only way the narrative changes is when assad does not fall, nbc 100,000 people dead. -- when you see 100,000 people dead. i do not know where the line is where suddenly that is not a narrative you want to have any more. but i suspect that it is somewhere between 100,200 thousand people dead. where that line is -- 100,000 and 200,000 people dead. you hear the argument on the republican side, let them all slaughter each other. without a look at least -- calculation -- -- without a strategic calculation. i think that that is also powerful. i would emphasize, if you had to put your finger on something that will change the dynamic here, that has to be turkey. i think that president obama is out of this one unless you see something happen in turkey, or if you see the slaughter accelerating at such a rate that we are
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)